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About Colorblast Films – An Animation Production Company in Los Angeles

We are a Creative Agency based out of Hollywood, LA specializing in creating Branded Films using both Live action and Animation to tell your unique story. Unlike other film companies in Los Angeles, we’re not some huge corporation concerned with rules and red tape. Rather, we enjoy working closely with YOU– our client– to cut to the chase and create meaningful content together.


At Colorblast Films, we’ll work WITH you from the start to gather information and explore the different directions in which we can take the project. From there, we’ll have fun creating colorful content that is sure to delight upon delivery!


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This is where you’ll have your people meet our people so we can get down with all the nitty-gritty details of this fun new project! We’ll chat to discuss expectations, goals, and an overall vision. We understand that convincing content is built on information that’s actually RELEVANT! Our content certainly doesn’t hang out at the shallow end of the pool, we dive deep into the oceans here at Colorblast Films, encompassing all aspects of YOUR signature brand.

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Once we have an idea of the scope of this new project, we’ll really get into some fun exploration! Armed with the information you’ve given us, we’ll focus more on your overall objective. We’ll take a look at the bottlenecks, the target audience, forecasts, and opportunities that may arise as we move forward together.

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This is the really fun part for our team! We’ve gathered intel, we’ve explored the waters, – and now! – we can create something really powerful! Our team uses all the data we’ve gathered to create a blend of incredible ideas. Our deliverables are attractive, creative, well-packaged, and inventive yet strongly perched on the overall core objective.

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The moment of truth! Our final product is measured by your audience’s response and we want to make sure you get the expected reaction. We want to deliver content that both captivates your audience while contributing to your brand’s overall growth. This is the culmination of our entire work process and we’re not happy until you are!


We have three VERY important rules here at Colorblast Films!

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    Our focus is always on you – our clients – and our partnership in creating excellent content! We really want to hone in on exactly what you want. You can bet we’ll be as laser-focused as a cat watching a laser pointer throughout the entire process!

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    Outdo Yourself

    At Colorblast Films, there’s always more we can do and new heights we can achieve. We’re always looking to top ourselves and we encourage our clients to push, push, push us! “Wow, you’ve really outdone yourselves!” is ideally what we want to hear each and every one of our clients says at the end of a project.

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    When you enjoy what you do, work becomes a play– an adage we live and breathe by here at Colorblast Films! We genuinely enjoy working with you, hearing about your passions, and creating awesome content. 



Let’s talk numbers...what are your rates?

When it comes to the green stuff, we know that you want to spend it on high-quality products. Depending on the particular scale and style of your project, we’ll work with you to create a rate that’s reasonable and fair! Reach out to us today for a quote.

Tell me about the Colorblast Film process.

Our process is collaborative, creative and transparent. We’ll work with you along the way to make sure we’re on track to create the content you’re looking for! From creative scripts and storyboard designs to voiceovers, animations, publishing, and more, we’ve got YOU covered in every step. From start to finish, the Colorblast Film team will be deeply involved in the overall process.

What services do you offer?

Here are the services we do offer! If you’re looking for something that’s not listed, we’re happy to discuss other projects!

  • Animation and Explainer Videos
  • Animated Gifs and Stickers
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Branding Illustration
  • Copy and Scriptwriting
  • Character Design
  • Audio and VO
Superpowers and strengths? Go!

We produce high-quality work at lightning-fast speeds…but we don’t compromise on quality or communication along the way! Oh, and did I mention we only hire folks who are telepathic?


“I really enjoyed working with the team at Colorblast Films. They were always open to discuss new ideas and they knew exactly how to bring my vision to life on screen! Filled with talent and skill, I’d absolutely use their services again!”

“It’s hard to find a truly reliable, responsive, and rad team out of all the production studios in Los Angeles. But ColorBlast films is the real deal here! Their animations were fun and creative and really made my ad stand out.”

We needed a fresh perspective, bringing our ideas to Colorblast Films, and they knew exactly how to execute and produce the content we needed. Thank you!”

“What I most appreciated in working with Colorblast Films was being treated more like a friend than anything else. I never felt rushed or dismissed in my meetings with the team were thoughtful about the entire process, from start to finish.”

“I really enjoyed the fact that we could work so closely with the Colorblast team. They’re a smaller agency, so it was a treat to have a more personal feel.”

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