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“I really enjoyed working with the team at Colorblast Films. They were always open to discuss new ideas and they knew exactly how to bring my vision to life on screen! Filled with talent and skill, I’d absolutely use their services again!”

“It’s hard to find a truly reliable, responsive, and rad team out of all the production studios in Los Angeles. But ColorBlast films is the real deal here! Their animations were fun and creative and really made my ad stand out.”

We needed a fresh perspective, bringing our ideas to Colorblast Films, and they knew exactly how to execute and produce the content we needed. Thank you!”

“What I most appreciated in working with Colorblast Films was being treated more like a friend than anything else. I never felt rushed or dismissed in my meetings with the team were thoughtful about the entire process, from start to finish.”

“I really enjoyed the fact that we could work so closely with the Colorblast team. They’re a smaller agency, so it was a treat to have a more personal feel.”

Wallison Bell
Subhadarshi Tripathy
Zee Studios International
Prerna Sharma
Zimplistic Inventions
Paul Graves
Peter Schneider
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